DESKTOP COMPUTER: My desktop, which was so generously donated to us quite a few years ago is showing signs of its age and needs to be replaced as soon as we can so we can keep spreading this life changing message to the thousands we will never come in face to face contact with. There are many days I’m spending more time working on computer problems than ministry. In fact, just this week it has crashed numerous times and often won’t restart.

QUICKBOOKS PAYROLL: We have been tirelessly working with a new accountant and they have been a Godsend to our ministry. They are helping us revamp our accounting and tighten up the ship with non-profit tax laws. This has required us to purchase a new version of QuickBooks and we need to add payroll services. Please continue to pray for Christine as she is working countless hours with this accounting team.

INTERNET: One of the biggest problems we face as a ministry is being stifled from actually doing our work. Our home office is located in a strange internet pocket where our service is very poor. In order to fix this, we have had to be very creative with our internet. The current solution is having our modem in the main area of the house where Christine’s office is, then running cables across the floor to a router sitting on the railing of our stairs with another cord running up the stairs, across the hall and into Steve’s office. This temporary fix has been in place for about 6 months. We have spoken with our service providers and the only solution is to either find someone who can run cables outside our house into Steve’s office, or having a second internet account for at least a few hundred more dollars a month. Comcast will no longer do the electrical work themselves, so we are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in this area of expertise.

OFFICE SUPPLIES: Things like paper, printer ink, stamps, etc. all add up. Please consider helping us with one of these SMALLER items that are HUGE to keeping our ministry going. We also need some upgrades on Steve’s equipment for podcasting. The biggest need is a new mic.

TANK OF GAS: We have been blessed with the donation of a fantastic, safe and reliable car that gets wonderful gas mileage, but gas is still expensive and with Steve’s local travel, we sometimes need help with gas when all expenses aren’t covered.

CARRY ON LUGGAGE: Steve’s suitcase is 20 years old and is finally to the point of being kept together with duct tape and bungie cords. As he travels half the year, we really are in need of a high-quality piece of luggage for him.

CAMP HONORARIUMS: This summer was one of the most powerful seasons of summer camps I’ve ever had the privilege of speaking at. I was gone for a total of 6 weeks but financially we made a little less than what I would need for 2 weeks to support my family and keep this ministry running. We have never charged a minimum for ministry. We always spread God’s message for whatever can be afforded. We believe that the gospel is for the poor and rich and every level in between.  If you would like to own in on the life-changing things Jesus did this summer and be a part of what we are continuing to do, we could really use the help.

PODCAST EXPOSURE: Our podcast is reaching thousands of people and we are always looking for more avenues to get God’s love out. Soundcloud is one of those big ways, but it’s not free.

DONORS: We have come to the conclusion that we simply cannot do this without the financial help of others. This makes me happy because it means a team is carrying this ministry and not just one man. Please consider giving a one-time donation or becoming a monthly supporter of our ministry. Lives will be changed because of your generosity.

If you would like any more information about these and other needs, please feel free to write us at, or call Steve at 206.947.8386.

 Make checks payable to Hays Ministries
P.O. Box 102 Maple Valley Washington 98038
PayPal: if you’d prefer to give online